I like magic- and painters are magicians! I used to think this when I had little inkling of drawing or painting realistically-- when I only had the desire to.  I couldn't believe the way artists could render three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. Really, I was mystified. When I finally learned to draw and paint in 2009 –while I was living in London and studying design - I was enchanted and cursed simultaneously! I became an addict. I decided to change my life so I could paint continually --and that included breaking up with my boyfriend! I liked drawing and painting so much especially once I realized I had a certain facility for it. Now that I have advanced in painting and drawing I am closer to emulating my idols though I still feel small in a world of giants.


My favorite styles are Surrealism, Cubism, Medieval, and Renaissance art. To me, Renaissance paintings feel surrealistic! I love fantastic creatures, angels, dragons, saints, and demons and the imaginative compositions those artists created. I also love the aesthetic, which to me feels very similar to watching a film where the characters are all beautiful, fantastic, colorful, and crazy. I also like creating space inside a frame and this is enhanced through optical illusions and perspectival techniques in the realistic method. I also feel that a good composition can enhance one's appreciation for color.


I like Medieval and Renaissance colors. A purpose of art is to alert us to qualities we normally take for granted and I like any art that reawakens my perception of color.  Does photography accomplish this? For me -- no. Finally, I'm a fan of narration, and I'm a fan of controlling narration. I want to create a brand-new world where I am the CEO, the architect, and the critic. I wouldn't trade my corner office for anything! 


Pink Moon, oil on canvas, 183 x 168 cm, 2017